Racing Style Gaming Chair in Germany

If you live in Germany your choice of gaming chairs can differ from those in the UK or the US, the first thing you need to decide is if you should buy a gaming chair or an office chair.

Racing Style Gaming Chair vs Office Style Chair

It’s okay to pick a side right away after seeing the title. And I’m pretty sure some of you will be reading this to find some sort of justification of what you’ve recently purchased. Whether I assumed wrong or whatnot, we’ll discuss the difference between a flashy color-blistered gaming chair and a more decent office style one.

Design and Style

Racing style gaming chairs have massive following because of style. Well, office chairs are office chairs way before this hype even started. To be able to choose a variety of colors has something to do with a gamer’s thinking. It adds character to your setup. At most, it somehow complete your rig. The same goes for how the design may complement the whole picture. On the other hand, some would prefer “the simpler the better” approach. And that’s where office style chairs fill in the gap.

Gaming Chair Test / Price Comparison

We used the German website gaming stuhl test (German) for a comparison of pricing and it would appear gaming chairs in German can be bought between 100 – 200 euros, with DXracer chairs costing slightly more and higher end chairs like Recaro or Noble costing 200 euros+.


Talk about size, racing style gaming chairs have a clear advantage. Mainly because it caters more audience. The average gaming chair has larger back rest, covering support from your lower back up to the head. Yes, there are office chairs that have larger back rests but the common ones do not. In terms of comfort, it boils down to personal preference and height. One could argue that larger back rests are more comfortable but there’s a reason why office chairs are also intended for longer working hours.

Reclining Features

This could be the deal breaker factor to many. As most of you know, most gaming chairs can be reclined for up to 180 degrees, allowing the user to fully enjoy a complete rest or nap mode. You may tilt the back rest to your liking that could give you so much ease and comfort while gaming. Office chairs can be tilted too, but not as much as gaming chairs can. Another adjacent feature to this is the adjustable arm rests in gaming chairs. Considering the recommended orthopedic arm position in long gaming hours, you may freely adjust the arm rests higher or lower. Something that is very common with inexpensive gaming chair brands are also available in the competition but it comes with a price.

Other Features

In racing style gaming chairs, there’s the lumbar and neck pillows that make hours of gaming even more comfortable. Those pillows are intended to support your back and head ergonomically to maintain proper posture.

Both chairs can provide the same comfort but in terms of functionality and important features outside the comfort circle, gaming chair is the better option between the two. Office chairs are okay. It’s just that you can’t beat the added features a gaming chair has to offer.

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