Best 144Hz Monitors for Gaming in 2022

Monitors with a refresh rate of 144 Hz have been around for quite some time, but they are becoming more popular every day. That’s because these monitors are simply incredible. Even the mid-range GPUs with a capacity of more than 144 FPS at high 1080p settings are becoming more affordable every day. Sometime in 2015, you had to part with a lot of money if you wanted to buy a monitor with such features. Today, however, manufacturers are moving towards producing monitors with increased performance and features such as ultra-high refresh rates. For those looking for the best 144 Hz gaming monitor for 1080p gaming, here’s a brief overview.

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What makes a 144Hz monitor stand out? Unlike most 60Hz monitors that refresh your screen 60 times per second, the 144Hz refreshes your screen 144 times per second. This gives your action a smooth appearance and reduces motion blur. In case you use the 60Hz older GPU, upgrading to the 144Hz monitor will totally change your opinion as it will give you the chance to experience what it looks like and feels to have smooth gameplay.

Having tested up to five gaming monitors to find the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor, we came up with the below conclusion about the best monitor:

The Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor: Overall Best

Having originally conducted a review of the LG 24GM77-B, the company tweaked it a little bit and added FreeSync, making this an excellent deal. This is the monitor we recommended as it provides a comprehensive package with all the features you would be looking for in a gaming monitor. This is not to mean that the other reviewed were bad, they just had a number of flaws like the absence of USB ports or the presence of the older 2.0 ports, lack of adjustability, poor panel performance among others. The LG 24GM79G-B excelled in all these features.

This monitor has full adjustability, incredible overall performance and another comprehensive range of specific features for game monitors. All of these features helped the monitor stand out from the competition. The most appealing feature is the OSD, which is activated by joystick, with an input delay that reduces dynamic action synchronization, and the black stabilizer to brighten up low-light scenes. All of these features are further enhanced with the addition of FreeSync. The monitor is available from Walmart with free 2-day shipping.

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