Black Desert is a great imaginary, action combat MMORPG famed for its aesthetics and graphics, uses a combination of sandbox elements and theme park into a vast game world.


Black Desert is a great imaginary, action combat MMORPG famed for its aesthetics and graphics, uses a combination of sandbox elements and theme park into a vast game world. While creating a new character, you will have to choose and pick them from a broad variety of classes with all these characters having a distinctive style of play, however, know these characters will be gender locked. Furthermore, in each of the categories, the game provides a gender equivalent which is excellent news, for instance, the female counterpart to the male Ninja is Kunoichi.

The Best Combat System Yet

To engage in combat, you will have to manually target and face the opponents with your reticule due to the game’s action-based combat system. Moreover, each of the classes come with a set of unique skills and abilities which to perform requires a combination of combos or keys to execute successfully. Lots of in-game visual guides are present to act as a guide all through the game which is excellent; therefore the learning curve at the beginning can be reasonably high. As your experience level grows and spending the skills points to buy new skills, combat becomes incredibly exciting with their being nothing more satisfying. Consequently, with your new found understanding of your class, then wiping out scores becomes easier.

Concerning the combat department, Black Desert Online is immensely flashy. Also, this game has all the essential components vital in a game that is, fast-paced, visual and fluid. Thus, it guarantees one of the most crucial features of an action MMORPG, that is it does not end up boring and stale.

Grindfest or Deep Progression Systems?

In comparison to traditional theme park MMORPGs, one key point to know about the Black Desert Online progression system is that it is somewhat different. Also, a lot of what you do in the game world gets to earn you experience points, for example, killing monsters wins you a Combat XP whereas other activities reward you with Skill XP. While you are out and about, the own level XP of your character comes out naturally. This game has no level cap, nevertheless, at level 56, is when the soft cap arrives, and the subsequent XP gains become significantly slower. Additionally, your class gets the Awakening weapon that considerably changes the way the game plays.

The sandbox world of the Black Desert Online is exceptional in that it provides players with lots of choices on how they get to spend their time in the game with many contents available. Through the Black Spirit companion for starters, you get to go through a close-knit adventure across all the various zones for players while following up with the main story. Furthermore, in between, you can follow several daily quests, town quests as well as exploration quests.

The game’s Life Skills and crafting are among the things you will spend most of your time on. Therefore, this quickly makes you lose track of time and thereby end up spending hours experimenting with trading, fishing, gathering, farming, and processing which are some of the Life Skills accessible to you. As you are leveling your character, the crafting skills acquired will prove helpful in making gear and other equipment. Moreover, to get access to Energy and Contribution Points, with these points being another type of progression, you must participate in mini-games like Amity system and Knowledge gains. The Contribution Points will be spent investing in rent craft houses, material nodes, workshops as well as other convenience facilities on the world map, plus the energy is used through activities such as gathering.

PvP Heavy

The provision of PvP is deep and satisfies the needs of a broad range of players, and thus Black Desert Online is eventually a PvP game in nature. The end-game or Meta is all about fights, with there being numerous gameplay systems which encourage Guild warfare vs. Guild out on the landscape. It includes node wars and large-scale naval warfare where guild can fight for lands ownership and then tax for a profit, and all these actions are lovely to be part of while watching hundreds of players fighting out for supremacy.

Usually, for smaller PvP fights, it is at level 50 when the flag for PvP opens up thus allowing you to kill any participant in the world. However, if the battle is not consensual, there will be a penalty. Additionally, Black Desert Online provides structured PvP gameplay in the form of Red Battlefields, which are ten versus ten matches that comprise two teams killing the majority of the participants for a high score. Nevertheless, if you do not have enough gear, it can get mindless fun as well as annoying and extremely imbalanced.

IS BDO Worth Playing?

Thanks to the game’s many in-depth progression systems, you are rewarded thereby get to enjoy everything you love doing in-game. Subsequently, Black Desert Online is an excellent MMO world which allows players to enjoy themselves for hours. Furthermore, the game’s graphics and combat systems are possibly one of the best elements of the game, with the sandbox features providing something for everyone involved, hardcore and casual PvP players alike.

Despite there being lots of pros, some cons also do exist spoiling the fun while playing the game. For players who are in search of an immersive and deep mission, this game does not offer the main story that addresses their needs. Moreover, in regards to character and gear, Black Desert Online requires you to often rely on cash shops make faster progression as well as being annoyingly grind-heavy, something some players may dislike. However, this MMORPG, in general, is an excellent game which you should experience.

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