Doom Eternal: What We Know About the Game so Far

The exciting news of the coming of Doom: Eternal at E3 2022 had gamers all eager to play. Many are curious to know more about the game, the release dates and how it will grow the well-known franchise.

The exciting news of the coming of Doom: Eternal at E3 2022 had gamers all eager to play. Many are curious to know more about the game, the release dates and how it will grow the well-known franchise. The game has caused anxiety among fans about the new developments. Many game companies have not been able to capture the FPS genre like Doom. The game is rich with blood, hellfire, guns. The company’s UV shooter has a lot of fans from the very first game they launched in 1993. The game had an unidentified marine facing off demons from hell. The game franchise was successfully bought by a 2016 reboot who have announced the release of a sequel: The doom Eternal.

The big reveal was made at QuakeCon 2022 keynote introducing us to the hell-bent sequel. The main aim of the game is to go to new heights than ever before. The slayer is stronger and better with more demons than before and an invasion further than mars. The game is a development from the 2016 Doom. You get a fast, UV shooter with a mission to destroy demons by beating them or shooting them. You can get it on Xbox One, Nintendo switch, PS4, and PC. The game is scheduled to come out on December 28, 2022. The release comes quicker than its predecessor which was announced a year to its release. There is the likelihood that the date is just a threshold for when it should be due. There has not been any information to confirmation on the game.

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The game play world premiere reveal was at QuakeCon 2022. The fans got a chance to experience the game. The E3 2022 trailer is a reminder of what we adore so much about the series. The trailer gives you a firsthand experience of the apocalyptic look of Earth. The game comes along with a great soundtrack and demons looking down on a short gun barrel. The new Doom slayer is better than before. It is sturdy and robust. The slayer has cool armor and extremely cool new gear. The gear includes some Shoulder-mount cannon with a surprise flamethrower, an adjustable blade, and a dash ability. The guns are up to date for a more exciting experience. The meat hook equipment gets you in your enemies’ faces. The Doom Eternal has still incorporated the favorite villains. You can catch demons like the Pain Elemental, Archville, and Arachnotron. The new demons include the Doom Hunter and the corrupted Marauders.

The new game has new features that allow other players to do an invasion on you. The other players act like demons which you have to slay. You can also do the same and join other demons in an attack in another player’s campaign. The new game has shifted all the action to earth. There are skulls and mining sites on the surface. The ground looks damaged with mining sites. There are creepy creature sounds and skyscrapers are pulled apart from a distance. The earth is in shambles with the crumbling buildings and scattered skulls littered all over. The games were initially small in size, but in the new game, they have been expanded for more space. You can anticipate that there will be bigger demons to fight. The game is expected to maintain the fast pace of its predecessors. The makers also promise more demons in the loop and more powers to help fight the demons.

There is a general feeling that the E3 will be online too. Bethesda seems to be creating an online presence which could only mean that they want the game to be online. The Elder Scrolls from the same makers and the Fallout Franchises have already set the pace. The Doom 2016 was available on HTC Vive and VR last year. Navigation issues dominated the 2016 Doom which agitated fans. The new game has to go a notch higher to avoid such problems. With that foundation, the game can give us a fabulous Virtual Reality experience. Virtual Reality is the new cool and getting the game on VR will make it fantastic. Bethesda has confirmed that the new Doom Eternal will be available on the Nintendo Switch. The game is not as family friendly as you would expect but it will be available. The rampage will be massive so be sure to keep your little ones way.

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